Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#5. Spitting

The sound of someone clearing their nose and throat or mucus or phlegm and then spitting it out is one of the most disgusting sounds around. 

There are different levels of offensiveness to spitting.  The spectrum spreads from spitting wine out at a wine tasting right through to hoyking up a booger and spitting it out.  Some would argue that spitting at someone is the worst level but I would put that on a whole different spectrum.  When people spit at someone it is intended to be disgusting and to cause offence.  To me, this is evidence that it is innately offensive.   Despite this, some groups and cultures find it perfectly acceptable.  We need to make them aware that it is offensive to most people.  Fight the good fight people - one good thing about all the political correctness out there these days is that saying something "is offensive in my culture" carries a lot more weight than it used too - milk this for all it's worth.  Tell people it is not acceptable to spit.

Spitting in public is not a necessary human function and it seems to be becoming less and less accepted.  Even on the sports field where fines are beginning to be imposed. I understand the Chinese Government is against spitting, even though cold season in Shanghai has traditionally been a time to share the inner workings of your sinuses with everyone. 

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